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DogShaadi.com is a site launched by 4 dogs & 2 bitches: BHOLA the Big Boss, SONALI the Saluki, SMITA the Shih Tzu, LEO the Labrador, ROMEO the Rottweiler and PAPI the Pug. DogShaadi.com is run only with the welfare of the Canine world in mind and no commercial interest.

At DogShaadi.com, we fall in love with almost every dog we see, for they each come to us with a valuable lesson. This lesson may come in the form of learning about dogs, it may come in the form of learning about people, and it may come in the form of learning about ourselves. Our members and their dogs teach us to use our hearts and our heads in good combination and balance. Our own personal animals with whom we’ve journeyed over the years have educated us immensely. Their lessons are imprinted on our hearts and we are forever connected to them. The beloved animals now in our lives have devoted themselves to our companionship. They’ve waited and watched patiently as we created this site. At times they offered a needed break from writing, at other times a simple gentle kiss to offer adoration and support.We love them and the partnership, patience and devotion required while building Dogshaadi has proven that you can, in fact,teach old dogs new tricks !

Breeding and raising obedient dogs requires more than just obedience training. As we tell all of our members and friends, there is a difference between having obedience skills and being obedient. Being obedient is about being dedicated to the ‘obedience lifestyle’ in daily living.This journey begins with teaching good obedience skills. On our website, you will learn many interesting secrets of breeding and raising obedient dogs and nurturing a positive relationship. Beginning with housebreaking and obedience training, through to behavior problem solving and even trick-training, you will find and develop the knowledge and skills to raise the best dog you will ever own!

The entire site echoes the process you will have in raising your dog and is designed to give you a new perspective, new tools and a complete and well-rounded guide to a happy life with your dog.


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Dogshaadi.com is a friendly and Interactive site. On each page, members can share their views and experiences with breeds, breeding, training, etc. Bhola says keeping the experiences of others at heart is of great help for all.

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