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Smita the Shih Tzu

Ambitious, serious and dedicated to duty, Smita the Shih Tzu adds a strong sense of purpose and direction to the dogshaadi team. She may appear sombre and reserved in her dealings with strangers at first, but once she likes someone, she wont bite !

Socially-oriented, she is willing to work hard and is ambitious and creative. At times, she can be reflective and introspective. Hard-working, cautious and earnest, her memory for facts and figures is excellent, and detailed work is right up her alley. When Smita wants to make a point, she can be smart, tactful and diplomatic, but at other times, basically she acts dumb. She has good common sense, excellent communication skills and the ability to turn ideas into practical use. She is self-disciplined and a good disciplinarian, but her heart is bigger than her head. Smita is methodical in both thought and procedure, which gives her executive and political ability. She likes to uphold traditional ideas; she is realistic rather than idealistic.

Smita also has keen awareness and good powers of concentration. She can laugh at herself and has a great sense of humor that is rare, considering her sex ! Her emotions are unpredictable, and she can be very tense if the time is not right. At other times, she is very romantic and sensual.


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