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The Dachshund originated in Germany and has a documented history going back as far as the 15th century. Most breed experts feel that Basset Hounds and some unknown terriers were the ancestors of the breed. The Bassets provided the long body, short legs, strength, good nose for scenting, and smooth coat. The terriers provided tenacity, stamina, the drive to hunt, and the wire coat to that variety. Other experts feel the Dachshund is simply a short-legged version of the German Schweisshund.

Dogshaadi.com loves the wire haired dachshund (WHD)

In any case, the name Dachshund wasn’t given to these long-bodied, low-slung hunting dogs until the 17th century; the name reflects both the breed’s hunting ability and its prey drive (Dachshund means badger hunter). In the United States, Dachshunds are found in two sizes: standard and miniature. In Germany, there are three sizes that are determined by the dog’s chest measurement. The dwarf Dachshund measures no more than 13.8 inches around the chest, while the rabbit Dachshund measures no more than 11.8 inches. The standard is the largest, measuring more than 13.8 inches.

All sizes have three coat varieties:

  1. The smooth dachshund has a coat that is shiny and slick.
  2. The longhaired dachshund is silky and slightly wavy with feathers on the legs and tail.
  3. The wirehaired dachshund has a rough, coarse, wiry coat with a softer undercoat.

In all varieties, the dachshund dog is long-bodied and muscular, with short legs and a long tail that continues the line of the spine. The head is carried high and boldly, and the eyes are almond-shaped and expressive. The ears are dropped and of moderate length.

Grooming the Dachshund depends upon the coat type. The smooth coat is easy to groom; it should be brushed twice weekly with a soft bristle brush or curry comb. The longhaired coat needs a little more work, as the feathers can get tangled. Every other day the coat should be brushed and combed. The wirehaired coat should be brushed twice weekly, and several times a year it needs stripping to remove dead hairs.

Don’t let the short legs fool you; these hunting dogs are athletes and need daily exercise. They need a good walk morning and evening, a chance to play ball, and a chance to run around the yard looking for squirrels. Because of their long backs and the potential for injury, exercise should not include any jumping over high obstacles or leaping to catch a ball or flying disc. Dachshunds are very devoted to their families and quite wary of strangers. It’s important that Dachshund puppies attend a puppy class where socialization is incorporated into the lesson plans. Dachshunds can also be barkers; a training class begun when the dogs are young can help prevent or control this tendency. Dachshunds can be good with children who are not overly rough. Interactions with small pets should be supervised; after all, Dachshunds are still tenacious hunters. Health concerns include back problems, knee problems, and obesity.

The wire haired dachshund personality is slightly different from its peers. It is brave, curious, and dominant. Sometimes, its energetic and feisty spirit becomes a problem for the owner to handle. But otherwise, it is quite an affectionate dog, which likes to socialize with humans, given that it has been brought up in a healthy environment. It is also referred to as the ‘comic dog’, because of its antics, namely digging holes in the ground. Owing to its inherent hunter instincts and stubborn nature, the wirehaired dachshund is slightly difficult to train. These breeds are also known to snap at strange children and adults, but are otherwise amiable in nature and can surely win everyone’s hearts, young and old alike.

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